Why use BT for custom machining services?

Custom CNC Machining Aluminum Parts

As the international supplier of food/beverage equipment and pumps, we bring to many years of industry experience and Unparalleled services. With our manufacturing technology, A partnership with BT results in better performance, less lead time and reliability.


We always Manufacturing to meet your need; Offering good experience in the custom machining industry, providing one-stop services and spare parts for the users of food industry and pumps worldwide, which include precision CNC machining, fabrication, grinding, EDM, welding, painting, heat treatment and inspection. With our Modern CNC machining centers, we can manufacture a wide range of machining parts based on customer requests.


Protype production, low-volume and large production capacity.BT Custom Machining provides production, low-volume and prototype machining. We are not only the manufacturing supplier of machined prototypes but also our reliable source of production parts.it is very important for the customers, you can have your custom parts from the single -source supplier, which can shorten the sourcing time and get the fast respond.


Fast reaction services; get your instant quotation from BT, We can accept the technical drawings and quotes on your custom machining parts in very short time. Manufacture the prototypes, small-batch and production parts with material certificates and inspection reports


BT is continuously improve the service process, Our fast CNC machining capabilities include services for different metal materials and plastics and shipping options to meet you at the competitive prices and products development stage.


What kind of custom machining parts BT can make?

Metal Custom CNC Turning Machine Part

Machines and equipment spare parts

Valves and Valve spare parts

Pumps and accessories


Jigs and fixtures

Mechanical components

Other custom made


What kind of industrial machining process does BT have?

Custom CNC Aluminum Machining

BT offers a large range of manufacturing process for customers, it can meet different requests, no matter the machinery prototypes or the small-batch inquires, we all provide our custom services.

CNC machining is one of main custom service from BT, what is CNC Machining process?

CNC, known as computer numerical control machining, include CNC milling service and CNC turning service, is widely used machining process. no matter metal or plastic materials, it can use automated, high-speed cutting tools to form designs based on the customers drawings. Standard CNC machines include 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis milling machines, lathes, and routers. Experienced machinists operate a CNC machine by programming machine paths based on the geometry which the final machined parts give. The part geometry information is provided by a CAD Machines may vary in how CNC parts are cut—the workpiece may remain in place while the fixture moves, the fixture will remain in place while the workpiece is rotated and moved, or both the cutting tools and workpiece may move together. CNC machines can cut almost any metal alloy and hard plastic with high precision and repeatability, making custom machining parts suitable for nearly every industry, including agriculture, medical, robotics, electronics, and industrial. BT provides CNC custom services and offers custom CNC quotes on a big range of materials.


Industrial applications of Custom CNC machining

High Precision Custom Made CNC Machining

For CNC machining parts, there are big applications for various industries,

Our custom machining parts are supplied to the different countries and confirmed by worldwide customers, with our good quality products and one-stop services we build our long-term relationship with our customers.

Medical or food Industry

Marine Industry

Robotics and Automation

Oil and Gas Industry

Agriculture Industry

Transportation Industry

General Goods

pumps and valves Industry

Almost every industry in the word will use the CNC machining parts. BT Mainly focus on agriculture and medical, we offer our components with stainless steel materials such as the tank feet, bushings, flanges. For industrial equipment or the pumps, we offer the housing, connection parts, shaft and tool parts.


The Advantages and reasons when you choose CNC Machining or source from China Market

Compared to the conventional manufacturing processes, CNC machining will be highly recommended, especially when you need prototype or the small-batches, it will benefit with fast lead time and cost effective. Here are some main advantages of using CNC machining parts.The advantages of CNC technology as compared to other conventional and advanced manufacturing processes are great many. Computer numerical machines provide better automation, thus reducing the chances due to human involvement. Also, increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, and large material options are among the benefits. Below is a summarization of some of the main advantages of CNC machining:


High precision and complex shaped parts


CNC machining can offer highly accurate spare parts. Once we got the drawings from customers, you just need transfer the design to Cam code, the skilled operator will use the automatic machines to execute the instruction process and get the precision parts, especially for the complicated shaped parts, CNC machining is suitable for this with perfect dimensions.

Moreover, CNC machining provides tight tolerances, excellent mechanical efficiency as you have few influence by human involve.


High Productivity and Consistency


As we know, CNC Machines can be instructed by coding settings once we have the drawings. So it will be easily controlled with good performance, meanwhile when the machines are set in right operation, you can spent your time flexibly and of course when you do the production plans, it will be more accurate to calculate the deadline for parts.


Material variety and Cost Effectiveness


CNC machining can work with many different materials, stainless steel , plastic, nylon, the most important is for some special materials, it also possible to made by CNC machining. Compare to other manufacturing methods, Automatic process through the computer software can reduce the defect and make the less errors in production. This keep the spare parts a good quality, which is more cost-effective. For customers who is only in parts test status or who need stable qualified metal parts, CNC machining is the priority choice.



If you need high precision custom machining products, CNC machining is best for your and you can get the benefit from it. However, for some special case, for example you will source only one or two pcs of big size parts, it’s not recommended to source from other countries but try your local custom services.

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