Custom CNC Machining Services China
  • Custom CNC products are widely needed by clients
  • We can save the cost while with better Accuracy when you choose Custom CNC machining
  • BT has capability to provide complex design in short time

Custom CNC Machining

  • Custom CNC machining
  • Easily to offer samples
  • Get greater accuracy and consistency
  • Strong processing ability
  • Cost-saving and time-saving
  • Meet needs of design variety

Your Reliable Custom CNC Machining Supplier in China. 

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that through programmed computer software guides the machinery. It can create the parts you need with accuracy and precision. Similar to 3D printing, it turns the virtual part design in the computer software program into the physical part.

Almost all industries require tailored CNC machining, which includes Aerospace and Defense, Beverage, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, and Electronics. CNC machining is used to develop parts that meet those dimension demands. 

Our CNC department can engineer and fabricate parts to meet your unique requirements and specifications. We use the best CNC CAD/CAM software, including AutoCAD and Solidworks. We can program parts with different shapes and complex compound contours. We can produce machined components from a variety of materials that suit your application.

With our BT modern CNC machine facility, you’re sure to get the precision and the high quality you need. 

BT Support Your Business

Advantages of Custom CNC Machining

Tailored Solutions
Our custom CNC machining process guarantees you will get tailored solutions to your needs. You may want custom CNC milling because of specific projects. We understand that not all projects are the same. So, we will work with your specific requirements to get you what you need.
Design Flexibility
Still, with custom CNC machining, expect to get the best flexibility in terms of design. We have handled many projects before that had intricate designs. Our customized machine process can easily do them because we are better than standard manufacturing methods. Bring us all the unique shapes and geometries, and we will do them.
Wide Material Choice
With our custom machine services, we have a wide range of materials for you to consider. This is because various people may have different needs. That is why we can do metals, plastics, and composites. The final product will always be in line with your vision. If you need adjustments, we can also make them with our custom waterjet cutting option.
Better Precision
Our custom machine design will give you better accuracy and precision. We use advanced machinery for custom CNC cutting to ensure tight tolerances and fine surface finishes. Even those who need precise custom CNC aluminum can count on us to deliver the best results.

Custom CNC Machining Processing Area

Custom CNC Machining Processing Area
Quality Control Area Custom CNC Machining

Quality Control Area Custom CNC Machining

Aluminum Custom CNC Machining Metal Parts

Aluminum Custom CNC Machining Metal Parts
Custom CNC Machining Aluminum Parts

Custom CNC Machining Aluminum Parts

Rely On Professional BT Custom CNC Machining

BT is a reliable supplier. They also have very strong technical capabilities and can quickly respond to new changes. They have a good and trustworthy management team. Quality control is very strict. They are more concerned with quality than with quantity.

  • “BT has a good contractual spirit. There is no delay in delivery, and the quality control of the product is also particularly good. BTW, there are no obstacles in daily communication.” -Jack

  • “I have worked with BT Daisy for more than 5 years, there is zero complaints from us, we always can get what we want and I rely on her.” – Sheila

  • “We are a pump manufacturer; We provide our drawings and BT will offer us in FAST time. with our high quality request, BT meets all the technical points with various material possibilities.” – Hassan Pothiwalla

  • “BT is the professional supplier for Custom CNC Parts and we have cooperated with BT for about 3 years. BT always can give us the products we want with high quality and the best service. I believe we will have better cooperation in the future.” – Vignesh Devarajan

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