Your Reliable Partner for
Custom Metal Parts & Custom Machining & Sanitary Fittings
Your Reliable Partner for
Custom Metal Parts & Custom Machining & Sanitary Fittings
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Your Reliable Partner for Custom Metal Parts & Sanitary Fittings

  • Find technical support for all your questions on custom metal parts to choose better.
  • Experience faster production capacity ensuring you can get the products delivered on time.
  • Expertise means we can make the custom metal parts suit all your needs better.
  • 7/24 Sales & tech support
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One Stop Solution for Custom Metal Parts and Sanitary Fittings

Our Materials are Certificated

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  • CE Certificate
  • TUV Certificate
  • Bureau Certificate
  • Cnas Certificate
  • ISO Certificate

About BT Metal Parts

BT is a trusted provider of custom and precision metal parts tailored to meet your needs better than before. Our experience in metalworking and our commitment to quality means you have a great partner for all your custom metal parts. We also emphasize quality craftsmanship to ensure you always get what you need. This includes working with complex shapes.

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Why BT are Trusted By 1000+ clients

Better Precision And Quality

BT understands that you need the best quality for custom metal parts. That is not a big deal when we can make it happen for you. Our products are manufactured with high precision making them quite useful. This means meeting the client’s needs for customized metal parts becomes easily achievable.

Customized Solutions

Most people are likely to have customized projects they are handling. For that reason, you can rely on BT to give you customized solutions. Simply let us know about the design you have in mind plus the dimensions and we will take care of the rest. You can still get further advice from our technical team on the best customized solutions.

Affordable Metal Parts

Many people often think metal parts would be more expensive when you need them customized. However, that is not always the case. Here at BT, we can assure you of saving a lot of money by working with us. We know how best to make quality products while keeping costs down to suit your needs.

Fast Turnaround Time

BT also has a large production capacity to offer its clients a fast turnaround time. We have worked with people who required projects done fast and still have delivered. What we offer as a timeline for delivering on the brand should be shorter than most brands. We continually improve our production to meet client needs.

Multiple Custom Parts

BT is one place where you can easily get yourself multiple custom parts regardless of your application. We have handled many clients in different industries, including food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. So, in case you are in such industries, we can help you today.

Expertise and Technical Support

BT has remained a top brand in the sector because of having a team of skilled engineers and technicians. Our engineers can also help clients know more about our products and how best to use them. Our experts also offer guidance during the design phase and suggest improvements to make the product better.

Get an Instant Quote On Our Custom Metal Parts & Sanitary Fittings

What Our CEO Say

BT is a leading provider of custom metal parts. I am proud of my team’s commitment to taking the responsibility of making high-quality metal parts to suit the needs of our clients. You can rely on us to be reliable and good at our jobs, ensuring you get the most out of our processes. Let us know today about your custom metal parts needed, and we will deliver.

What Our Customer Say

  • I do work on projects using custom metal parts quite often. This meant choosing a brand that can live up to your needs. We are happy with how BT has continued to work closely with us. We always know its turnaround time and competitive price will attract more people to consider the company.
    from Germany
  • BT has remained a game changer for our business over the last few months. We are now sure the company would continue providing our company with quality parts. The support team is also very responsive to help learn more about the metal parts before buying.
    from Canada
  • BT is our go-to supplier of custom metal parts, and it is for a good reason. I like their precision and craftsmanship in making the products. I also appreciate their flexibility in making tailored solutions for each client.
    from US
  • The level of customization of the products done by BT has remained unmatched. I have worked with the brand for years, and their finished products are still high quality. I recommend using their products, knowing they can always keep delivering.
    from Australia

Your Premier Custom Metal Parts Manufacturer In China

What types of custom metal parts does BT make?
BT manufactures many custom metal parts, including fittings, brackets, enclosures, panels, and other specialized hardware. We have the expertise and capacity to make various metal parts using materials such as steel, aluminium, copper, and more.
How can someone place an order with BT for metal parts?
Our ordering process is generally straightforward. It starts with consultations to understand your product needs. This includes discussing the dimensions, materials, design specifications, and quantities. In the end, our sales team sends you a detailed quote. We can proceed to the production stage if you are happy with it. We will give you timely delivery of the custom metal parts.
What kinds of the sanitary fittings does BT make ?
Sanitary elbow, sanitary coupling, sanitary flange, tri clamp reducer, rotary spray ball, tri clamp, stainless steel tank fittings, stainless steel ball valve, sanitary butterfly valve, sanitary check valve, Sanitary safety valve, angle seat valve.
Can BT handle large volume orders?
Yes. BT is equipped to handle different order sizes to ensure everyone is covered. Even those with large orders can come to us knowing we will easily fulfill them. One thing about BT is that we take our time to ensure you get the orders done in good time and delivered to avoid delaying your project.
Can I offer my design to BT for you to make the custom metal parts?
Absolutely! We are always happy to see that our services would work great for different client designs. Once you provide the designs, we can ensure the product is quality and suits your needs. If you need help refining these designs, our engineers can help ensure you are happy with the results.
What quality assurance do I get with BT’s custom metal parts?
The BT’s custom metal parts have amazing quality assurance, and there is nothing to worry about. This is because we adhere to the strict quality control processes we have set for ourselves as a brand. The quality team will always inspect thoroughly at each production stage, assuring you of the best quality.
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